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♥30th Birthday♥

Today, February 7th, is his birthday :). I just want to post an short entry to celebrate it.
Happy 30th Birthday, Mukai-san ! I wish all your dreams would come true. Hope you'll always be happy, healthy and successful in life. Wish you all the BEST ♥!!
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2012-01-24 21:55:40 Third Episode

So so, tonight will be the 3rd episode of HUNGRY.

This time, the episode's title will be "Smiling face".
There are so many faces expressing so many feelings.

And, it just started snowing.
Yesterday night after the airing of the episode, I, with some friends, took pictures.
When I went back home the ground was all frozen.

Today's picture was caught a special moment to me some years before [apparently] with my friends from ROIAL ☆ [the brand he's been advertizing 2 years ago]

I celebrated by bday some days ago!
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2012-01-10 17:41:52 Tonight OPEN!

Heyhey, This day has come!

Last year I talked about the project of this drama; well it will start airing tonight!
After we (actors) tried the outfits and read the scenario, with the CRANK IN done, we stated the number of episodes.
That's why today isn't the right day to go out!

The elements that color emotion, passion are even the music and in the friendship (of the drama) and of course the cooking recipes and dishes are beautiful ☆
This time, the drama portrays something I am myself. That's why I even attend cooking classes on my own.

And something else I totally like is the TITLE BACK.
The 11 episodes of the drama are not different versions of the same scheme, do take note of this fact.

So let's wait for what will happen at 10:15pm on TV.

Happy new year, yeah we're still in Jan 2012. ^^
It's not exactly word to word; sorry I couldn't reach my dictionnary; but I hope I got the main ideas. Still looking for a beta!
Also, sorry for the absence; I hope you all got to watch this first episode; I'll try to make gifs for you. If there are parts you want, you can even send your request here.
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Mukai in "Rock & French Cuisine" Drama!

Mukai Osamu will Play the Role of a Foolhardy French Chef
in His First Leading FujiTV/KTV drama!

Mukai Osamu, starting January 2012, Tuesdays 10 PM
A comedy drama with "Rock & French Cuisines" as the theme,
and tells the human relationships in a restaurant!

It has been announced that Mukai Osamu will be the leading role of FujiTV's Tuesdays 10 PM drama starting January 2012. With "Rock & French Cuisine" as the theme, it'll unfold the human relationships in a comedy touch with restaurant as the set.

Mukai will be playing the leading role, Yamate Eisuke, who's about to turn 30.
A sarcastic French male chef who's good at cooking and loves music. This character is actually very close to real life Mukai Osamu. The leading character will grow while having to face reality, dreams and discourage, friendship, cooking, romance, rivalry, promise with parents, etc. He'll play the role of a guy who has to face life choices realistically.

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The trip

It's been a long time everybody.

Recently, I've been mostly shooting advertises and I took part in some receptions as the ambassador of Friendship between Japan and Cambodia.

And today, I've headed to Narita airport for another different work! I chose to entrust the boarding staff better than showing some anxiety before the flight. But in all, I went and came back safely.

Now, I have to go ☆

Ousama no Brunch - BECK

This is the first time I'm posting here, just want to share..

Here is BECK movie cast members promoting their movie in a variety show - Ousama no Brunch..

All the BECK main casts was present, including Mizushima Hiro, Mukai Osamu, Sato Takeru, Kiritani Kenta, Nakamura Aoi and Kutsuna Shiori.

You can get the link here