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Mukai Osamu stars "Sweet Room" keitai drama

Mukai will star another drama, "Sweet Room" -  Story #2 titled "BIRTHDAY"! This is BeeTV production and the drama can only be watched through keitai (cellphones). "Sweet Room" consists of 12 episodes with 5 minutes duration for each episode^^;;  There will be 4 stories with 4 different leads. That means 3 episodes (15 mins) for each story. The news article published this morning only talk mostly about Story #1 stars Narimiya Hiroki, titled "LAST LOVE" where Narimiya will have his first "serious" bed scene here XD  Which means passionate kiss and nudity.

"Sweet Room" will broadcast on cellphones starting August, 1st. Story #1 "LAST LOVE" stars Narimiya Hiroki. Story #2 "BIRTHDAY" stars Mukai Osamu. Story #4 "ROOM SERVICE" stars Toyohara Kosuke. Only Story #3 has not been confirmed yet. Nothing has been revealed yet about Mukai's episode plot or co-stars.

source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20090618-00000033-oric-ent

As much as I'm happy that Mukai has finally got his first true leading role, I feel a bit awkward about this since it's a drama broadcasts on cellphone and Mukai's story only has 15 mins duration in total^^;;;   Well, I hope Mukai's story doesn't require any bed scenes, lol.

PS: Did anybody watch Spica last night? Ararara.... he only appeared in 2 scenes in Ep1 XD

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